Mission Planner Antenna Tracking

Maestro Pololu

The servos i use are
GWS S125 1T 2BB Sail Winch Servo, this allows full 360 degree pan.
and a standard metal gear servo for tilt.


1. Establish the center pwm for your servos attached to your tracker. These are usauly close to 1500 pwm, you can use the slider to find this. Typicaly you want the center point to be strait ahead for pan, and at 45 degrees for Tilt. You should always try to manualy set the centers close to 1500 pwm.

2. Adjust the Min and Max PWM so you can find the min and max pwm for your servos. Set at 600 for min and 2400 for max on servo # 0 and 1. You need to apply the settings to test. WARNING, you can strip servos by doing this, be carefull!!

3. Establish the end point pwms that relate to the angle you can turn/tilt. ie from center left 90 degrees might be 1000 pwm or 700 pwm, and right 90 degrees 2000 pwm. The left and right angle should be the same.

4. Once you have established the center point as well as the end points for your required rotation we can enter these values.

Enter your Pan and tilt min and max pwms into the servo # 0 for pan and # 1 for tilt.

Enter your center point pwms into the 8-bit neutral field.

Now you need to calculate the diffrence between the min and max. so ((max - min) / 2) = 8-bit range

eg 2032 - 960 = 1072 / 2 = 536. You will notice that your exact value isnt posible, but the rounded version should work fine.

Apply the settings.

6. setup the maestro to work with our usb cable. and apply the settings.

7. This should finish the setup for the maestro controler. Test everything is working as it should. As you move the slider on the status tab it should turn left and right to the angles you aimed for above.

8. In the mission planner enter the angle Range you setup above. ie if you had 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right you would enter 180. Enter your PWM Range you got above (max - min).

The trim value is designed so you can change the pointing direction at any time. eg, if i point the antenna tracker east, the rought trim pan value will be -90. if it where west, +90.

Rev, can only be changed before you connect. it has no affect while you are connected.

Your mission planer home location is used as the location of the tracker, so ensure this is correct.