Using your own imagery

1.       Open Global Mapper

2.       Open your images.

3.       Zoom into the area you want to export to MP

4.       Select “export web format”

5.       Select google maps tiles

6.       Select the export settings you want to use. Level 20 = zoomed in, level 1 is the earth

7.       Export just the area that you zoomed into earlier.

8.       Check your export settings if you see this screen.

9.       Exporting.... just wait

10.   Export complete, now we import into MP

11.   Open MP, press control-f and select “inject GE into database”

12.   Browse for the folder we saved out export into.

13.   Wait for MP to import the images.

14.   Change the map source to “Custom” and zoom into the area you just imported.

15.   Done!!